stepping in front of a bus...

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stepping in front of a bus...

Post by rSin »

maybe youd thought of it

kinda a version of leaping onto the tracks just before the train passes by
grizzly affair

knocked down then chewed to pieces as tons of machine chop you up

your limbs torn off
ground down
fingers and toes
arms and legs gone

probably takes a few seconds before the works crush your skull and you get to not think about it anymore

us rock climbers we have lost many friends to stepping off cliffs and doing it that way

when they do it off the big cliffs the wonder is
what do you think about in the seconds it takes before your decision made turns into the inevitable

takes more than 10 seconds off the big stones

perhaps its euphoria but who can say

my guess is its that less than half the time

rest in peace my friends
i wish you well...
the intolerance of the old order is emerging from the rosy mist in which it has hitherto been obscured.

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